Nail Treatments

We offer a wide selection of luxury manicure and pedicure services for both men and women. You will receive filing and polishing, precision nail shaping, cuticle care. And once we have your nails in perfect condition, you can choose from our extensive range of Orly lacquer shades and IBD long-lasting gel finishes. We also offer massage, moisturisation and skin rejuvenation treatments, for your hands and feet.

We offer a range of luxury pedicure treatments including massage, foot scrubs, exfoliation, moisturisation and skin rejuvenation, to leave your feet feeling pampered and perfected.

Manicure                                                         22.00

French Manicure                                           26.00

Luxury Manicure                                           28.00

Men's Manicure                                             17.00

Callus Peel                                                      17.00

Callus Peel with Pedicure                          37.00

Pedicure                                                         26.00

French Pedicure                                           28.00

Luxury Pedicure                                           30.00

Men's Pedicure                                             19.00

FIle and Varnish                                           12.00

Quick Manicure                                            12.00

No Varnish - 15 Mins

Quick Pedicure                                             17.00

No Varnish - 30 Mins

IBD Gel Polish

100% true gel, this adaptable formula which applies smoothly like a polish with the durability of gel. Ibd Just Gel Polish is quickly cured under a LED or UV light to leave a smooth, high-shine finish. Removal is hassle free, taking 10 minutes with no mess or fuss. 

Gel Manicure                                                                      25.00

Gel Pedicure                                                                       30.00

Gel on Toes                                                                       24.00

Soak Off                                                                            10.00