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iTan Sunbeds

i-tan Westgate has been established since March 2016. 


We pride ourselves on our high level of cleanliness and friendly welcome. 


We offer 2 standup sunbeds and 1 lay down sunbed. 

The laydown bed is fitted with rainbow tubes, the latest in tanning technology, which offer multiple health benefits. 

Blue - Positive energy. 

Green - Well being. 

Red - Beauty. 

Yellow - Joy. 

All our beds have new tubes regularly to ensure you always get the best tan possible. 




30 minutes                        £23.50

60 minutes                        £43.50

90 minutes                        £61.50

120 minutes                      £79.50


6 minutes                            £7.50

9 minutes                            £9.50

12 minutes                        £11.00

15 minutes                        £13.00


To enhance your tan and keep your skin at its absolute healthiest we offer a range of indoor, Australian Gold and Swedish Beauty, tanning accelerator creams. 

There is a vast choice and our receptionist will help you choose the best cream for your skin, tanning aim and pocket. 


We also have an I-fit vibration machine suitable for all ages and fitness levels. 

A few of the benefits include - 

Less stress on your joints. 

Improved balance and circulation. 

Burns calories. 

Plus many more. 


There is a regular Facial Aesthetics and Fillers clinic. This is provided by a qualified doctor, who is independent of i-tan Westgate. 

If you want to get rid of your wrinkles please call for a price list. Consultations are free. 



Monday - Friday 9am- 8pm

Saturday 9am- 5pm

Sunday Closed. 

Telephone : 01843 491276.

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